New & Improved Past/Archived events
  • This update brings significantly improved scrolling performance and search queries to the past events and archived events pages to help you find the event you are looking for even faster. Especially those teams with large qty of events.
  • We've introduced a new tab on your team dashboard
    Past events
    which will now only contain events that were automatically moved from upcoming events tab (which happens a week after the event end date)
  • Archived events
    will now be more of a true archived / trashed approach.
Dynamic Browser Tab Names
Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 6
We are now dynamically updating browser tab titles based on what page you are in:
  • Team Dashboard will show {Team name}
  • Event Dashboard will show {Event name}
  • Rundown view will show {Show name}
Bug fixes
  • Ipad users had issues scrolling in guest pass links
  • Certain short keys weren't working properly on windows devices
  • Display view had intermittent tracking issues
  • Text formatting would revert back to unformatted state when editing a cell
  • Intermittent remote prompter real time edits not saving
  • Event logo not appearing on guest pass
  • Issues accessing past events for teams with over really large previous event data sets.